Meet The Ellie George Real Estate Team

Ellie George entered the world of real estate in 2005 after her three children were all in school.  Prior to that she stayed at home with them. She feels she was destined to become a Realtor or an Architect as when she was a kid she would draw floor plans of hundreds of homes and then match them up to her cut out versions of families from the JCPenney Catalog! In 2005 she started as a single agent, and within 6 months hired her first assistant. Together, the team takes great care of their clients and offer superior service.  Ellie's strengths are negotiation, thorough market knowledge and strong listening skills.  She consistently ranks among the top Realtors in her market thanks to the strength of her team and great clients. Outsid ethe office, Ellie enjoys her husband, dogs and her three children. 

Tifney Sykes and Ellie have forged a friendship spanning 25+ years and in 2017 Ellie was blessed with the opportunity to have Tifney join her. Tifney is a native of Medford, Oregon and grew up all over the valley.  Her father like to move often, so she gained an appreciation for how different types of houses can become a home!  She has great empathy for those that move and is very knowledgeable of the entire area! As the Buyer Specialist and Client Experience Coordinator she works hand in hand with Ellie and our clients to ensure our clients' real estate experience with the Ellie George Team is above their expectations.

Amber Houchen is a licensed real estate agent with several years of transaction coordination experience. Her sense of detail and organization, knowledge of hte real estate industry, and desire to exceed expectations, serve the Ellie George team well as a strong support.  She is vital to our office administration. Amber's dedication to the needs of our clients is unparalleled. 

Meet the Team