Homes in the low 200's in East Medford are becoming rarer and harder to find. In fact there are only 30 homes currently ACTIVE in East Medford between 200k and 250k. I've compiled a list here for this weeks' finds in East Medford. Feel free to take a look. What does this mean? This means that if you're a seller, home prices have gone up. The market is still moving fast. If you're a Buyer and you are actively looking, it's important to be on your toes and understand the market. When you're well educated and you see a good deal, you will be ready to take advantage of that great deal. A home moves very quickly when it's priced right! I can keep you informed about what's going on so you don't miss the next great buy. Call me at 541.601.9582. If you're a home seller, call me for expert advice on how to prepare your home for sale and capture all the eyes of those buyers. There's some easy things you can do to prepare!

Here are the $200-250,000 homes for this week: (which are under 30 days on the market)

THESE properties are now PENDING........and all of these came on the market and went pending in 30 days and under...many within a week:

There is a new builder coming in to East Medford very soon and will be helping this price point quite a bit. We expect to see about 300 homes in the mid-200's shortly. If you'd like more information....please call Ellie George at 541.601.9582