Picture the Rogue Valley. It doesn’t have a ton of cookie cutter homes. It has a lot of variety. For this reason, I don’t like to shoot from the hip when determining the value of a home. I like to see it, feel it and smell it. Yes, I said “smell it.” How it smells matters.

I look at it from several different angles including:

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Condition
  • Neighbors
  • Square footage

Having sold more than 1000 homes in my career in THIS market gives me valuable perspective. Once I’ve gone at and assessed the property for myself, I head back to my office and do what we call a “radius search” that takes into account comparative active and pending listings as well as those sold.  


When I do a price point analysis, I put myself in the buyer’s shoes. Say you want to sell your home in Central Point. Based on my experience, buyers interested in Central Point also like East Medford. So I take into consideration homes in both of those areas when determining the best asking price for your home as opposed to homes that may just be in the immediate vicinity. It’s about what that buyer can get for their money all over the valley, depending on what exactly it is they’re looking for in a home.

I review all of this analysis with you and, with you, come to a mutual understanding and agreement as to where your home should be priced to sell. Once we settle on a number, we prep your home and get it ready for showing.


Right off the bat, I suggest:

  • Declutter
  • Neutralize odors
  • A fresh coat of paint and new carpet can go a long way

As needed, I have my interior decorator come in (at my expense) and work with the home seller on rearranging furniture and freshening and neutralizing the bathroom(s), kitchen and master bedroom to make them feel more spacious and appealing. Those areas are big selling points for homebuyers.

I also suggest an inspection be done BEFORE we hit the market. This way, we eliminate any issues that could be found in escrow that may be deal breakers. Buyers frequently imagine problems to be bigger and costlier than they actually are and then use them as negotiating points. By mitigating these stumbling blocks on the front end by taking care of simple repairs found in the inspection, we are in a stronger position when we put your home on the market.


Once we get it to market, we do targeted ads to appeal to the right type of buyer for your home. It’s my job to market your home to the potential buyers, real estate agents and appraisers. I assure agents the transition will be smooth and easy. With appraisers, I work to ensure that we are looking at the same comps.


Lower end homes are moving very quickly in this market. It’s a great time to sell when inventory is low and demand is high because we can negotiate a little harder for higher property prices.

Interest rates are insanely low right now. Last week, I saw one at 3.2%. That varies daily, of course. Buyers have more purchasing power in this climate. It’s important to price your house right to sell from the gate because studies have shown that the first two weeks on the market are the most crucial. Your home is exposed to all active buyers then. If your home isn’t priced right for the market, that initial audience will move on and you will be find yourself relying and the new buyers who filter in each day after that. Together, we can make sure your listing stands out from the crowd.