Trey was born and raised in southern Oregon and, like most kids, wanted OUT of here when he graduated from high school. He played basketball for Linfield College and graduated with a degree in International Business after spending a year in Costa Rica being immersed in the Spanish language (and playing basketball on their national team). The insurance business was THE LAST field he wanted to pursue, mostly because that’s what his father did. But God had other plans for him. How he got from there to being an insurance agent was a “spiritual journey,” as he describes it.

Through a series of strange “coincidences,” after graduating from college, all doors pointed to the very same company Trey’s dad worked for, Country Financial, and he’s been with them ever since. When his father retired two and a half years ago, Trey moved back to the valley with his wife to assume his father’s business. That’s when we met.

“I was wanting to connect with a powerful, ethical realtor with a lot of integrity and your name kept popping up in conversations. After having you help my wife and I find a home, I knew I wanted to work with you,” says Trey. “From there, the trifecta was formed—Brian Case (Guild Mortgage), Ellie George (HomeQuest Realty) and me with insurance. Doing business with people who share the same values is important to me. There are some questionable people in this business.”

Turnover is high in the insurance industry. Seven out of 10 agents fail. It’s important for me to know I’m doing business with, and referring people to, someone who isn’t going to disappear. Experience like his can help you avoid surprises that a lot of agents may overlook. For instance, did you know:

  1. Guns, jewelry and fine China are generally limited to $2500 in coverage.
    The good news is there are options to increase the coverage. You just need an agent who will take the extra five minutes to be aware of these variables.
  2. Home-based businesses void personal insurance coverage when it comes to claims related to the business.
    If you’re a contractor running your business out of your home and someone steals your tools, for example, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover that.
  3. Marijuana growing on your property voids ALL liability regardless of the nature of the claim, related or unrelated, because growing marijuana is federally recognized as an illegal activity.
  4. Homeowner’s insurance covers sudden and accidental occurrences: hail, lightening, pipes bursting, etc.
    Not covered is damage due to termites, rats and mold as they are not sudden or accidental. Insurance companies are not warranty companies. They’re not going to buy you a new roof.
  5. There are three kinds of insurance: Guaranteed Replacement, Actual Cash Value and Actual Cash Value Less Depreciation.
    GUARANTEED REPLACEMENT— Even if the damage exceeds the limits on your policy, the insurance company is obligated to fully replace or rebuild your property without any deduction for depreciation. Country Financial is one of very few companies that offer it. If you have a home 30 years old or newer, you can qualify. And get this…it’s less expensive than the other types of coverage. GASP!
    ACTUAL CASH VALUE—What this means is that if you have a $100,000 insurance policy on  your home, the most the insurance company will pay is $100,000 regardless of how much it actually costs to replace your home.
    ACTUAL CASH VALUE MINUS DEPRECIATION—Whatever the current value of your home is is what the insurance policy will cover. This applies to older homes that haven’t had updated electrical, heating and air, etc.


  • Find out what type of coverage is being allotted to your dwelling value.
  • Most companies give 1 year from the date of the claim for you to replace all items.
  • Values are based on the honor system and most people undervalue what they own.
  • Do an inventory or take pictures of your home and email them to yourself so that you have documentation. It’s much easier to remember things you can see.
  • Ask about Bundling Discounts.
  • Avoid shops like Geico and Progressive who are using third party companies because you don’t know who you’re getting.

Country Financial has been around since 1922. It’s a $50 billion company that offers more than just insurance. The can assist you with everything in your life that is an asset to you. What’s more is they simplify your life by offering it all under one roof:

  • Home Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Financial Planning (Individual and Corporate Retirement)

For more information, contact Trey at 541-779-8893 or at [email protected]